31 Things to Accomplish in December

Well Hello Tribe!

It's the first day of December. The last month of the year; that means you still have 31 days to make a change - however you may define it.  Let's welcome 2021 with good vibes and positive energy with intentions set on ROCKING it out in 2021!

 To get those ideas rolling, below are 31 things you can do before the end of the year. Share yours with me in the comments.  

  1. Clean and organize your environment
  2. Change your décor for 2021
  3. Clean your closet
  4. Donate the clothes you no longer wear
  5. Clean up your phone contacts
  6. Recycle old things
  7. Take care of your skin
  8. Try that new hairstyle
  9. Catch up with old friends
  10. Create your 2021 vision board
  11. Mend that relationship
  12. Forgive them
  13. Clean up and organize your email
  14. Try going  to bed early
  15. Try waking up early
  16. Take care of your body
  17. Create a de-stress playlist
  18. Go for long walks
  19. Try meditation / yoga
  20. Forgive yourself
  21. Write a gratitude list
  22. Laugh out loud
  23. Start a new Bible plan
  24. Finish reading a book
  25. Adopt a pet
  26. Learn how to journal
  27. Plan out the month of January
  28. Make a to-accomplish list (this sounds so much better than 'to-do')
  29. Make and commit to a "standing appointment" for yourself - mani / pedi, your favorite outdoor activity, etc.
  30. Sign up for that course
  31. Smile more, it looks good on you 

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